"There are at least three ways in which [U.S. foreign] aid to Israel is different from that of any other country. First, since 1982, U.S. aid to Israel has been transferred in one lump sum at the beginning of each fiscal year, which immediately begins to collect interest in U.S. banks. Aid that goes to other countries is disbursed throughout the year in quarterly installments.

Second, Israel is not required to account for specific purchases. Most countries receive aid for very specific purposes and must account for how it is spent. Israel is allowed to place US aid into its general fund, effectively eliminating any distinctions between types of aid. Therefore, U.S. tax-payers are helping to fund an illegal occupation, the expansion of colonial-settlement projects, and gross human rights violations against the Palestinian civilian population.

A third difference is the sheer amount of aid the U.S. gives to Israel, unparalleled in the history of U.S. foreign policy. Israel usually receives roughly one third of the entire foreign aid budget, despite the fact that Israel comprises less than .001 of the world’s population and already has one of the world’s higher per capita incomes. In other words, Israel, a country of approximately 6 million people, is currently receiving more U.S. aid than all of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean combined when you take out Egypt and Colombia."


US Aid: The Lifeblood of Occupation (via rs620)

Not to mention one of the biggest functions of this aid is to prop up the US military industry.

Over the last 20 years, the U.S. has been slowly phasing out economic aid to Israel and gradually replacing it with increased military aid. In 2007, the Bush Administration and the Israeli government agreed to a 10-year, $30 billion military aid package FY 2009 to FY 2018. In 2012, the U.S. began giving Israel $3.1 billion a year (or an average of $8.5 million a day) and promised to provide that amount every year through FY 2018.

75% of this aid is used to purchase military equipment from the US ‘defense’ industry.

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The incomparable Hazel Scott playing two grand pianos in The Heat’s On (1943)


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Ben Crystal recites some of Richard II in OP.


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Watch/listen to the poet reading here.

too bright to live long,

too costly, my mother feared

your appetite, guzzling the mains,

hung from the ceiling,little sun

I rhymed into, close as I could stand,

imagining the bulbed head of the mic,

searing fistful of feverish light

against my face - suddenly emptied,

plinked out, no longer able to beat back

the dark, capable only of cooling

after-image, of dying

memory, milky glass shell

and filament jangle, capable

of being held, of being rolled

in a boy’s hot palm, singing

one soft, blind note. 

‘Song for a Spent 100 Watt Bulb‘, © Jacob Sam-La Rose 2010, first published in Red: an Anthology of Contemporary Black Poetry edited by Kwame Dawes (Peepal Tree Press, 2010) 

Source: poetryarchive.org

"They call us now.
Before they drop the bombs.
The phone rings
and someone who knows my first name
calls and says in perfect Arabic
“This is David.”
And in my stupor of sonic booms and glass shattering symphonies
still smashing around in my head
I think “Do I know any Davids in Gaza?”
They call us now to say
You have 58 seconds from the end of this message.
Your house is next.
They think of it as some kind of war time courtesy.
It doesn’t matter that
there is nowhere to run to.
It means nothing that the borders are closed
and your papers are worthless
and mark you only for a life sentence
in this prison by the sea
and the alleyways are narrow
and there are more human lives
packed one against the other
more than any other place on earth
Just run.
We aren’t trying to kill you.
It doesn’t matter that
you can’t call us back to tell us
the people we claim to want aren’t in your house
that there’s no one here
except you and your children
who were cheering for Argentina
sharing the last loaf of bread for this week
counting candles left in case the power goes out.
It doesn’t matter that you have children.
You live in the wrong place
and now is your chance to run
to nowhere.
It doesn’t matter
that 58 seconds isn’t long enough
to find your wedding album
or your son’s favorite blanket
or your daughter’s almost completed college application
or your shoes
or to gather everyone in the house.
It doesn’t matter what you had planned.
It doesn’t matter who you are
Prove you’re human.
Prove you stand on two legs.

- "Running Orders" by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha (via hubbbaahubbbaa)

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The most impressive naval career of all the female sailors is that of William Brown, a black woman who spent at least twelve years on British warships, much of this time in the extremely demanding role of captain of the foretop. A good description of her appeared in London’s Annual Register in September 1815: “She is a smart, well-formed figure, about five feet four inches in height, possessed of considerable strength and great activity; her features are rather handsome for a black, and she appears to be about twenty-six years of age.” The article also noted that “in her manner she exhibits all the traits of a British tar and takes her grog with her late messmates with the greatest gaiety.”

Brown was a married woman and had joined the navy around 1804 following a quarrel with her husband. For several years she served on the Queen Charlotte, a three-decker with 104 guns and one of the largest ships in the Royal Navy. Brown must have had nerve, strength, and unusual ability to have been made captain of the foretop on such a ship….The captain of the foretop had to lead a team of seamen up the shrouds of the foremast, and then up the shrouds of the fore-topmast and out along the yards a hundred feet or more above the deck….

At some point in 1815, it was discovered that Brown was a woman and her story was published in the papers, but this does not seem to have affected her naval career….What is certain is that Brown returned to the Queen Charlotte and rejoined the crew.



David Cordingly, Seafaring Women (via queencardigan)

AWESOME. I need to make sure medievalpoc sees this. 

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Watermelon and Palestinian flag:

"Because it was forbidden to raise the flag, Palestinians used to and still do, take watermelons and cut them in half and just raise them, showing the inside part. The watermelon contains the same colors as the Palestinian flag: red, white, green and black. This way, they have challenged the occupation and its unjust rules. The watermelon, this oval greenish fruit, became a strong symbol in the everyday life of Palestinians. Small and simple gestures can inflict huge outcomes. Small and simple gestures yet creative and smart. The occupier knew the strength of it, so they used to beat up people and merchants who carried or displayed watermelons cut in half."

Text written by Fahd El Hassan: 


Yes, Israel did beat and arrest Palestinians for simply holding watermelons cut in half. It’s been known amongst Palestinians, and even documented but whenever I try and tell people they don’t believe me because Israel can’t be that tyrannical. Well it is true, and they are. You couldn’t even be an Artist painting a watermelon without the risk of being imprisoned. 
Look and see for your self

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"Gaza was bombarded with 273 airstrikes yesterday (8th July). That’s an average of 11 an hour. Gaza is about 25 miles long and 4 miles wide, with a population of 1.7 million crammed into that tiny space. It is under Israeli occupation and Israeli siege. Hospitals estimate they will run out of resources to treat the wounded in about two days. Electricity is intermittent. Gaza has no army, air force or navy. Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. Resistance to occupation is allowed under international law. Israel’s occupation, siege and collective punishment of Gaza is not."

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[Image description: black and white photograph of Rosa May Billinghurst sitting in her adapted wheelchair after being arrested, surrounded by police officers and members of Women’s Social and Political Union.]

The Crippled Suffragette: Rosa May Billinghurst 

"A prominent member of the Women’s Social and Political Union in her lifetime, she decorated her hand propelled, three-wheeled tricycle with colored WSPU ribbons and "Votes for Women" banners. She was thrown out of it at a protest by police, who removed and sabotaged it.

Billinghurst retaliated by using the trike as a battering ram during future direct actions.

Billinghurst was a dedicated WSPU member. She organised events and meetings, took part in demonstrations, was a regular in processions, and served as secretary of the Greenwich branch. Without the use of her legs, she relied on an ‘invalid tricycle’ for the mobility she needed to be a full participant in the suffrage action. Her ‘invalid tricycle’ was, for the time, a high tech wheelchair modeled on a tricycle and propelled by hand controls.

Billinghurst’s ‘invalid tricycle’ gave her the mobility she needed to become an active member of the suffrage movement. Her ‘invalid tricycle’ was a makeshift wheelchair consisting of a modified tricycle with hand controls. Billinghurst attracted public attention by appearing in processions dressed in white and wheeling along with her machine decked out in colored WSPU ribbons and “Votes for Women” banners. Billinghurst rose to prominence as a recognizable public figure and became known as “the cripple suffragette.”

In addition to being a regular fixture at peaceful protests, Billinghurst was drawn to militant action and demonstrations. In 1910, she participated in Black Friday, leading the police to try to subdue her by knocking her out of her tricycle, pushing it down a side street, removing the valves from the tyres, and restraining her arms. Never easily deterred, she was back a few days later for the next protest, only this time she came prepared to use her tricycle as a battering ram to get through police lines.

The image above shows Billinghurst under arrest, possibly in November 1911 when she was charged with obstructing police in Parliament Square. Recalling her impressions of Billinghurst, one veteran of the suffrage movement wrote, “I remember hearing startling stories of her running battles with the police. Her crutches were lodged on each side of her self propelling invalid chair, and when a meeting was broken up or an arrest being made, she would charge the aggressors at a rate of knots that carried all before her.”

Billinghurst’ efforts earned her several prison terms. In March 1912, she took part in the WSPU window smashing campaign, for which she received one month’s hard labour. Doctor Alice Ker who was in jail at the time wrote to her daughters in April that year that “Miss Billinghurst, the tricycle lady, is going out on the 11th and will take this (letter). She is quite lame, wears irons on her legs and walks with crutches when she is out of her tricycle.”

Billinghurst received another eight month sentence for her role in the December 1912 attacks on pillar boxes. This time she took part in the hunger strikes. She was released early following brutal force feeding sessions that left her in poor health and with broken teeth. She wrote and protested force feeding once she was released, publishing graphic accounts of her experience in suffrage journals and inspired Keir Hardie and George Lansbury to raise the atrocities of force feeding in parliament.

In the years after the suffrage era, Billinghurst remained committed to the cause, joining the Suffragette Fellowship and supporting Christobel Pankhurst’s election campaign for The Women’s Party in 1918. She died in 1953.


Now this is the kind of history I would have appreciated learning in high school

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"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."

- Robert J. C. Young, Postcolonialism, A Very Short Introduction  (via thenegrotude)

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A woman who hates you is playing the pianoforte.

You have five hundred a year. From who? Five hundred what? No one knows. No one cares. You have it. It’s yours. Every year. All five hundred of it.

A charming man attempts to flirt with you. This is terrible.

You are in a garden, and you are astonished.



How To Tell If You Are In A Jane Austen Novel (via jeanpaulfarte)

OK but so many of these apply to badly written Harry Potter fanfiction written by people who aren’t British that are trying to sound British

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preach it, my feminist dragon princesses

now complete! this set will be going up on my redbubble shop as tshirts and stickers c:


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BodyMaps is an interactive visual search tool that allows users to explore the human body in 3-D. With easy-to-use navigation, users can search multiple layers of the human anatomy, view systems and organs down to their smallest parts, and understand in detail how the human body works.

Contacted by Maggie Danhakl @healthline.com

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