Great paper on hypermobility

This seems to be a great explanation of hypermobility and the related problems it can cause, by Alan G. Pocinki, MD.

I found the explanations about adrenalin and the autonomic nervous system particularly helpful because I have POTS, and cry embarrassingly easily when I’m put under a little pressure. (No, really, talking about my illness, having trouble unlocking a door, putting the money into the wrong slot at the supermarket…). It talks about all kinds of things though- headaches, sleep problems, uterine and bladder issues. If you feel like your entire body is falling apart you’re not going mad! On the other hand, he’s also sensible and reassuring that there’s no reason to think that if you have some of these symptoms your condition will escalate and you’ll get the rest. I know I haven’t got the type with serious vascular problems, for example.

Anyway, this looks really good. The author says:

"My patients have long asked for something to share with their families,
friends, and even physicians, to help educate others about their condition. I hope
this paper helps fill this need.”

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    I am guilty of doing that - of trying to fight through when I want to collapse just because I want to prove to myself...
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    This is an amazing paper on EDS, and everyone should read it.
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    I can think if a long list of people who would benefit from this.
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    this is a really great paper
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    rebageling for personal reference
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    keephopingkeepgoing: This paper is fantastic! As someone with JHS and training to be an Osteopath, this is perfect for...
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